Why Dave Ramsey

    Samantha Cameron

    There are a lot, I mean A LOT of businesses and people out there that promise to be the solution to all of your financial woes: From debt consolidation, to one low monthly payment, home equity loan, bankruptcy, and more.

    All it takes is one simple phone call.

    It’s giving free reign to someone else on YOUR finances.

    It’s like undergoing weight loss surgery. Half gain the weight back. 

    It’s not because the surgery didn’t work, because it did. It’s because the behavior that led people there is still the same.

    It’s why SEVENTY percent of lottery winners become BANKRUPT after winning. It blows my mind! It really drives home the fact that more money just means more money problems until you know how handle it!

    When the behavior remains the same, it doesn’t matter how great the remedy is. The solution never becomes more than a quick fix to a bigger problem.

    What I love about Dave Ramsey is that his methods address the behavior. One of Dave’s most famous quotes, is “Winning with money is 80% behavior, and only 20% head knowledge.” It’s so true! I remember thinking “I can’t afford this” and swiping anyway. I KNEW the money wasn’t there, yet I could not control my behavior.

    When I decided to tackle our debt, deciding on Dave Ramsey was an easy choice. It is by no means easy all the time (like all good things for you), but it is by far the best. It’s a common sense approach that sets you up to win in life. It sets your kids up to win and forever changes your family tree. It is one of the best, if not the best decisions I have ever made. I am now beyond honored to get to teach it and change others lives!