Cameron Financial Consulting provides sound advice to get small business owners prepared to deal with the hurdles, pitfalls, and long term successes that come with the fiscal year.

    Central Texas is a great place to start a small business, and many in the New Braunfels area receive great support from the community. Starting a business is not an easy task: building procurement, hiring employees, start up costs, making deals – and even debt.

    Debt dramatically increases risk, and increases the gamble of each mistake. many small business owners make the mistake of straddling their business with debt from the start, and they end up with failure, loans to pay back, even filing for bankruptcy.

    I work with small businesses to help make sense of all the money coming in and out. Like personal coaching, business coaching is completely tailored to your specific business and the vision you have for it. I do offer discounted rates for multiple sessions.

    Quick Facts About Financing Small Businesses

    • 82% of businesses fail because of poor cash management.
    • About two-thirds of businesses with employees survive at least two years and about half survive at least 5 years.
    • 27% of businesses aren’t able to receive funding they need to get started.
    • About 75% of new businesses are funded by business loans, credit cards, and lines of credit account.

    (Sources: Small Business AdministrationFundera)

    Challenges for Small Businesses

    Believe in Yourself, Despite Challenge.

    Economic uncertainty, the cost of health insurance benefits, and a decline in customer spending (with regulatory burdens almost tying for that third place spot) account for the biggest challenges of running a small business,

    Still, most business owners are pretty optimistic. Participants in a National Association of Small Businesses 2015 report showed that small business owners remain very optimistic. 75% say they are confident in their own business.


    The Relationship Between Small Businesses and Debt

    Young firms are heavily reliant on external debt.

    According to the Small Business Administration, nearly 75% receive their funds from loans, credit cards, or other lines of credit. Many small businesses are heavily reliant on credit cards for day-to-day use, with 7% of all startup put exclusively on credit cards.

    The four most common reasons for a small business debt are:

    1. Business start-up fees
    2. Purchasing inventory
    3. Expanding the business
    4. Strengthening the firm



    Small Business Financing Dollars for Young Firms

    Make Success Part of Your Business Plan

    Working with Cameron Financial Consulting will set you up for success. We have valuable information on operating a business without going into debt, budgeting, preparing to cash flow, making financial decisions regarding your bottom line, and so much more.

    We are here to help you, the small business owner, because we walk your same path. Contact us today to request and appointment.

    Samantha Cameron is the owner of Cameron Financial Consulting, and has risen out of significant debt. Her personal journey through college, marriage, kids, mortgage, and cars only benefits her training through Master Financial Coach Training out of Tennessee. Her goal is to help others that may find themselves in debt, need help preparing for the future, or those whom desire to improve their lives with financial savvy.

    Unless you control your money, making more won't help. You'll just have bigger payments.
    No amount of spending will get rid of guilt or shame. You won't experience peace until you have contentment.
    The best way to get out of debt is to get mad at the problem and attack it with vengeance.