We’ve grown so accustomed to just swiping our cards or hitting confirm on a screen, that we no longer think of the bigger picture.

    How in the world will we ever save for retirement when can barely make ends meet?

    How will we be able to live life to it’s fullest if we keep transferring the balance from one maxed credit card to a new one?

    How will we ever get ourselves into a good financial situation?

    You could try to get a better job, but I’ll let you in on my first secret: more money doesn’t mean your financial problems go away, it usually means you just have bigger financial problems. These obstacles can become too overwhelming for the average person to find a solution.

    The answer is looking at your financial situation in a new way. Cameron Financial Consulting can help you, no matter your situation.

    The reality is that we are all almost one
    paycheck away from severe financial crisis.

    Quick Facts About American Spending

    If any of the above sounds familiar, don’t worry: you are not alone!

    How We Can Help

    We need to not only begin think about the bigger picture, but redesign it. With my help we can come up with plans and goals to not only reach your dreams, but surpass them. By learning how to budget and spending every dollar on paper first, you can begin to take control of your finances and your life. You are no longer wondering where your money went, but are telling it where to go. The future is no longer so impossible and bleak. YOU are telling it what dreams you want to meet and how to get there.

    My goal as your coach is to walk alongside you, provide information, and empower you. Yes you’ve made mistakes or don’t know where to start, we all have. But like a phoenix rises from the ashes, stronger than ever, you will too.

    Customized Advice for Your Situation

    Cameron Financial Consulting can give you personal advice while keeping your situation completely confidential. Let us help you in the following areas:

    • Learn the full extent of  your financial situation
    • Paying off your debts
    • Planning for emergencies
    • Saving for the future
    • Major cost decisions and their impact

    Working with Cameron Financial Consulting

    I work with couples and single adults to create a personalized blue print to financial freedom. Any questions, struggles, or concerns you have will all be discussed and thoroughly examined along with action items to be completed to track progress.

    Your plan, including action items, are emailed to you by me, so no need to try to remember and lose focus during your session.

    Take advantage of discounted rates for multiple sessions!

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    Unless you control your money, making more won't help. You'll just have bigger payments.
    No amount of spending will get rid of guilt or shame. You won't experience peace until you have contentment.
    The best way to get out of debt is to get mad at the problem and attack it with vengeance.

    Our experts

    Samantha Cameron is the owner of Cameron Financial Consulting, and has risen out of significant debt. Her personal journey through college, marriage, kids, mortgage, and cars only benefits her training through Master Financial Coach Training out of Tennessee. Her goal is to help others that may find themselves in debt, need help preparing for the future, or those whom desire to improve their lives with financial savvy.