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    Anna Kendall is the global managing partner of Advice. He is based in London and leads the firm’s focus on the future of capitalism and the role business leadership can play in creating long-term social and economic value.

    Where to start? First and foremost, God led me here. I am ONLY here because of him. If you’re not religious, don’t let that scare you, I won’t preach at you or judge you, because trust me, I have made plenty of mistakes. I just say that to get the point across that I am not doing this for me, but because a higher purpose has called me to do so. I am here to help you and nothing else.

    I hold a B.B.A. from Texas State University and have completed Dave Ramsey’s Master Financial Coach Training in Tennessee, as well as receive ongoing mentorship from Ramsey Solutions. I have also worked in the insurance and home building industry, so have firsthand knowledge on how those are structured.

    Most importantly though, I have walked this path. I have been great at finances and I have been not so great at them. Having found ourselves over $100,000 in debt (not including our house), my husband and I knew we had to change. It was not easy by any means, and some days it’s still not. But it has ALWAYS been worth it.  Not only have we knocked out a lot of debt, but we have changed the legacy we are leaving to our children. Our marriage also improved because we were finally communicating, setting goals together, and reaching those goals together. There are just so many benefits that we got that we never intended or knew we would have. This process has truly changed our lives.

    • Texas State University


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