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    • Student Loans
    • Home Mortgages
    • Auto Loans
    • Marriage
    • Having Children
    • Legal Fees
    • Hospital Bills
    • Credit Cards

    Student Loans

    Student populations and public and private universities are at an all time high - and so are tuition rates, books, and miscellaneous fees. Current research has shown the average bachelor's degree holder takes 21 years to pay off his or her loans making minimum payments, and the current amount of American student loan debt stands at $1.34 trillion. That's $1,340,000,000,000!

    Home Mortgages

    Mortgages are the largest contributors to household debt. American mortgage balances are currently at $8.63 trillion! The New Braunfels and surrounding areas are expanding rapidly, and home buying is on the forefront of those expansions. We can help you prepare for, recover from, and manage these significant changes in your life.

    Auto Loans

    Many Americans fall into the chase of having the newest and best vehicles, and fall prey to the appeal of bundled maintenance packages. About 43% of our population has auto loan debt! The average auto notes have a length of six years, and just last year, over 17.55 million vehicles were sold in America. Our society holds $1.16 trillion in auto loan debt.


    When two financial lives become one: Marriage brings together love, families, cakes - but they also unite assets and debt. Many items that come along with marriage can also rack up substantial debt - upgrading a wedding ring set, an extensive honeymoon put onto credit cards, and more. And even under the best circumstances, sometimes divorce happens, which can also impact your financial situation in significant ways.

    Having Children

    No one can put a price on the joy that bringing a new life into your family brings - unless they're a hospital, insurance company, grocery store, or, eventually, daycare or school. Childbirth is life-changing, and can wreak havoc on your financial situation if you are not careful. Trust the owner, she's been through this three times!

    Legal Fees

    Other life changing events commonly involve lawyers: divorces, child support, custody, automobile accidents and insurance claims, and other litigation can become very expensive, very fast. Decision delays, court fees, and negotiations all come with a very high price tag. If you have suffered any unfortunate circumstances and need a way to pay off these bills fast, ask about our plans!

    Hospital Bills

    Hospital bills are some of the more extreme and unexpected reasons for debt. We advise that you have a plan in place in expectation of surprise hospital bills - and it's easier than you think. Contact us today, so that we can help you plan for unforeseen events.

    Credit Cards & Lifestyle

    Financing furniture, maxing out your credit cards, and impulse purchases can really add a lot of unnecessary debt in the form of credit card bills and collections notices. When you factor in the appeal of transferring one credit card balance to another to reap the benefits of rewards, it can really hurt you in the long run. Credit card balances stand at $764 billion - or $7,640,000,000.

    All the debt: We’ve been there.

    Our experts are not only trained in these fields, but have personally overcome each and every common form of debt mentioned above, some multiple times. Let us show you the tried and true methods for overcoming one or all common forms of debt, so that you can free yourself from the chains of debt.

    Information above complemented by this report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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    Samantha Cameron is the owner of Cameron Financial Consulting, and has risen out of significant debt. Her personal journey through college, marriage, kids, mortgage, and cars only benefits her training through Master Financial Coach Training out of Tennessee. Her goal is to help others that may find themselves in debt, need help preparing for the future, or those whom desire to improve their lives with financial savvy.

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